Which Forskolin Is The Best For Your Weight Loss Diet (2018 Update!)

Which Forskolin is the best for your weight loss diet and health?

For sure I could just mention a lot of names of brands and compare them to each other. But that would be way too easy!

Getting the best Forskolin for your diet is not only about a brand name, but it is also about the quality, how pure it is, and the Forskolin concentration itself. Then yes, of course, the price matters as well.

So, before I start to give you some name of brands I believe are the best ones for your diet? Let’s first have a quick look at the different parameters you should take into consideration when buying your Forskolin weight loss supplement!

Where Is It Made?

The origin of your supplement is rather important because it ensures a certain quality of your supplement. Some countries are more strict with the quality, purity, ingredients, and how it is made, than other countries. I recommend you to stick to supplements made either in North America or Europe.


To get the best results and also to avoid potential side effects it is essential that the ingredients are 100% pure and all natural.

FDA might not approve the supplement because they haven’t tested it, and don’t know enough about it. But make sure that they have approved the facility your forskolin supplement is made in. If you buy your supplement online, look for the FDA approval either on the sales page or about us page.

Side Effects

If your forskolin supplement is not pure or if the manufacturers have mixed the ingredients with something else to make his product more cost effective, you can rest assured that you are going to experience side effects like bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.

A good clean and pure Forskolin supplement should not give you any long-term side effects.

There are rare cases where you get constipated because new elements are entering your body, but it should not take more than a day.

So remember, don’t go too cheap when buying your forskolin supplement. There is a chance that it either is polluted or the forskolin ingredient is not pure enough.

The Forskolin Ingredient

Here there are two numbers to look for. The size of the capsules which usually is 125mg or 250mg. The next number is the percentage of that amount is pure forskolin extract. Here the typical numbers are 10% or 20% pure forskolin extract.

For best results go for the 250mg capsules with a 20% active forskolin extract solution.

There are forskolin supplements available on the market that comes with 600mg and up to 40% forskolin extract. Here you may risk that the supplement is not pure and you may risk bloating and constipation because the numbers are high.

Keep in mind; more does not necessarily mean better results when it comes to forskolin extract.

You can learn more about forskolin and how it works in this article.

Turmeric Curcumin And Forskolin Combined

how turmeric looks like

We have stand-alone forskolin supplements, and we have supplements that combine forskolin with something else. Turmeric is an ingredient that is widely used as a supplement combined with forskolin.

There are still now scientific evidence that Turmeric is a new wonder supplement speaking of weight loss, but it does add a couple of benefits to your diet and when using forskolin.

Turmeric is said to decrease inflammation in your body when you are obese. It will help you to avoid chronic diseases like heart diseases and diabetes 2.

Tuft University Study

In a study performed in 2009 at Tufts University, results showed that curcumin could suppress fat tissue growth in mice, but there is no solid proof that this can happens to humans as well.

So combining Turmeric with Forskolin might increase your fat burn slightly. You may suppress your appetite and create thermogenesis in your body. It means raising your body’s core temperature which will result in extra calories burned.

No matter what, using turmeric will not hurt you, and you will get the anti-inflammatory benefits. Turmeric is also widely used dishes and as a base in curry.

If you decide to go for a turmeric + forskolin supplement, remember that the exact dosage of each ingredient often will be hidden behind a proprietary blend, so you cannot be sure what you are getting.

It means you cannot for sure you are getting the required 250mg capsules and 20% forskolin concentrate. Other times when buying you will discover that you are only getting 50mg of forskolin in each capsule. It is not enough to promote a weight loss.

So, I believe you are better off buying your forskolin capsules of 250mg each with a 20% active concentration, and then buy a turmeric supplement separately if you want to pay the extra. It will give you better results.

Forskolin Combined With Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean Or Raspberry Ketone

How garcinia cambogia looks like

Some of these ingredients like green tea are great supplements to help you lose weight. But often when you start to combine them all with forskolin, the dosage of each will become too small to make a difference.

To get the effects you will have to swallow a lot of capsules daily, and the cost price of the supplement will go up dramatically. It will be way cheaper to buy them separately. However, we have added both turmeric + forskolin supplement and forskolin + other ingredients to the list of supplements on our list.

Which Forskolin Is The Best? Our Forskolin Supplement Top Picks!

Which forskolin is the best? We have compiled a list of 5 forskolin supplements we believe are among the top picks. To give you a better variety three of them are pure forskolin supplements and the two others are forskolin + turmeric and other ingredients

Let’s have a closer look at our forskolin picks!


Forskolin250 Our Top Pick

  • 250mg capsules and 20% active forskolin
  • Will boost your metabolism, fat burn, burn calories, and slightly suppress your appetite.
  • Will benefit muscle building if you are working out
  • 100% pure and all natural ingredients, made in an FDA approved facility
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Free and Fast shipping
  • Qualified customer support
  • Available worldwide
  • Bottle prices are as low as USD 22.50 when buying in bulk. Price for one bottle is USD 44.99

Forskolin250 is our absolute top pick when choosing which forskolin is the best weight loss supplement. The ingredients are among the purest of the forskolin products we have listed here, so you will likely not experience any side effects.

The makers recommend that you take two capsules daily with a big glass of water, preferably in the morning.

Each bottle contain 60 capsules for one month supply!

Remember to check out our full Forskolin250 review for more information.

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Body Blast Forskolin

Body Blast Forskolin

  • Comes as 250mg capsules and 20% active forskolin extract
  • Will burn fat tissue, ignite your metabolism, prevent fat synthesis, improve energy levels
  • Made in the United States
  • 100% pure and all-natural ingredients
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Available in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand
  • Bottle prices are as low as USD 29.50 when you buy a six-pack. If you want to buy one bottle, the price is USD 59.
  • Free Trial is available on this offer as well (Read terms and conditions carefully)

Body Blast Forskolin is a good pick as well, but not quite as good as Forskolin since it only offers a 30-day money back guarantee, unless you want to go for a trial offer.

The ingredients are basically the same as with Forskolin250. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules which is one month supply.

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If you want to go for their trial offer, click on the link below

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Beauty Solutions Forskolin

Forskolin from beauty solutions

  • Beauty Solutions comes as 125mg capsules. The active forskolin percentage is unknown.
  • Will help you to burn body fat, increase lean body mass, and accelerate weight loss.
  • Made In The United States
  • All ingredients are 100% pure and organic.
  • Refund available if you return the product within 15 days. A restocking fee of USD 10 and USD 5 for shipping and handling, will be deducted.
  • Free Shipping
  • Available in the United States and Canada
  • Bottle prices are as low as USD 16.58 when buying in bulk a 12-pack. The cost of one bottle is USD 49.
  • Free Trial is available on this offer as well (Read terms and conditions carefully)

Beauty Solutions Forskolin is not as strong as Body Blast and Forskolin250.

They claim that only one capsule is required daily, but we believe that it is not enough to make you lose weight. Especially not when the pills are only 125mg.

So if you are following the recommended guidelines on how to take Forskolin, each bottle will only last max 15 days if you are making two capsules a 125mg.

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If you want to go for their trial offer, click on the link below

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Turmeric Diet Secret – Turmeric + Forskolin

turmeric diet secret

  • The precise dosage of each ingredient is hidden under a proprietary blend. The active forskolin percentage is unknown
  • Turmeric diet secret will help you to burn fat cells, release fat stores, boost metabolism and thermogenesis, and promote a weight loss.
  • Made in an FDA approved GNP certified lab, located in the United States.
  • All ingredients are 100% pure, genuine and all natural.
  • 30-day money back guarantee. However, there is a restocking fee of USD 5.
  • Available worldwide.
  • Bottle prices are as low as USD 29.99 when buying a 5-pack. The cost of one bottle is USD 49.99

If you want to combine turmeric and forskolin, this is probably the best offer you can get. The supplement is made in an FDA approved GNP lab which ensures the quality of the product.

Each bottle is equal to one month supply.

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Advanced Turmeric + Forskolin

Advanced Turmeric

  • The exact dosage of forskolin is unclear from the sales page.
  • Advanced Turmeric is a multi supplement where you are going to get powerful ingredients like forskolin, garcinia cambogia, green tea, green coffee, raspberry ketone, and turmeric
  • Will burn fat cells and release your body fat storage. You will boost your metabolism and thermogenesis.
  • Made in the United States in a GNP certified lab approved by the FDA.
  • All ingredients are 100% pure, genuine, and organic.
  • 100% money back guarantee, but it is unclear to see how many days. A restocking fee of USD 9.99 will be added
  • Available in the United States
  • Bottle prices are as low as USD 39.99 for five bottles of Advanced Turmeric. One bottle is USD 67.

Advanced Turmeric is a good choice if you want to go all in and enjoy the benefits from other weight loss ingredients as well.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules which are equal to one month supply. To learn more click on the link below.

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Which Forskolin Is The Best?

When it comes to which forskolin is the best? We believe it is Forskolin250. The ingredients are 100% pure and genuine. It is made in an FDA approved lab, the money-back guarantee is the best among the offers we have looked at.

Whether you should go for forskolin only supplement or a combo supplement like the Turmeric Diet Secret is entirely up to you. But keep in mind, these brands are more secret about their proprietary blends so you cannot be sure you are getting the right dosage of forskolin.

If you can afford, it is much better then to purchase two different supplements.


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