10 Steps to Speed Up Metabolism for a Better Weight Loss

Accelerating the metabolism to lose weight is the watchword for a large number of people who wish to lose weight.

Metabolism is the way our body processes food and transform it into the energy we need to practice day-to-day activities. Thus, from the age of 30, our metabolism tends to slow down, especially for females, due to the physical complexion and the presence of more fat deposits.

That is why women have greater difficulty in weight loss, even dieting and practicing exercises. With just an oversight it is easy to be held hostage by the accordion effect.

When the body becomes accustomed to food and metabolic acceleration practices, it incorporates and makes it a daily routine. That is why when we always do the same type of exercise over a long period, it no longer produces weight-loss effects because the muscles have become accustomed to the movement.

With food, the same thing happens, so it is important to change the menu always, maintaining a balanced diet with healthy foods.

10 Steps to Speed Up Metabolism for a Better Weight Loss

We separate in the text below, 10 tips that will cause your metabolism to accelerate and you lose weight more easily.

1 – Eat Regularly

In order for the metabolism to keep moving, it must always have food to process. So, always eat something between the intervals of the main meals. It could be a fruit, a yogurt, some oil seeds or a light water. Do not let your body run out of food for more than 3 hours.

2 – Stay Hydrated

Eliminate toxins in the urine and feces, so that this happens naturally, it is important to keep the body always hydrated. Drink plenty of water during the day. If you can drink ice water it is better for the body to work faster to get it to the right temperature.

3 – Have Breakfast

As late as it never starts your day without taking morning coffee. It is the main meal because it is the one that starts the metabolism after several hours at rest. Eat some protein, fruits, and cereals; make a full meal for disposal.

4 – Eat Animal Fat

Not every kind of fat is bad for the body. Animal fat can and should be ingested. So, from time to time consume red meat with some of the fat, as well as white meat (chicken and pork). Properly cook these foods and ingest fats that will help burn your localized fat.

5 – Stay Active

Whenever possible, climb stairs, stretch. Keep moving the body most of the week. This is the best way for your body to keep pace faster to burn calories.

6 – Respect Your Body

It is not good for your body to do exercise when you are tired or after recovering from some disease. Respect the signs of when it is not okay for some type of activity.

7 – Sleep as Needed

Sleeping is extremely important to keep the body up-to-date and avoid the stress and irritation that lead to binge eating. Sleep at least 6 hours a night (ideally 8), in a dark, quiet place for best body repair.

8 – Include Thermogenic Food on the Menu

Themogenic foods

Some foods are known to burn more calories than others. So, including assorted peppers, coffee, and green tea, fruits like goji berry and pineapple, in food, will help your body to metabolize faster.

9 – Practice HIIT

High-intensity interval training – HIIT is a training that exhausts the muscles for a short time, and recovers for a rest time, where it continues to burn fat.

So you can do short sets of only 12-15 minutes a day and continue burning calories up to 48 hours after the practice. It can be practiced in your living room since the exercises are easy and do not require handsets.

10 – Keep Anxiety Under Control

When we are anxious we eat more. This is the way our body finds to compensate for emotional malaise. Listen to music, practice some energy therapy to keep your mind always in balance and not run the risk of assaulting the refrigerator whenever there is a setback.

When we do this we end up eating only the health-damaging foods like sweets, fried foods, snacks, and we end up leaving our bodies intoxicated and slowed down.

Keeping your metabolism fast may be easier than you think, on a day to day basis. Just follow the above tips to have a healthier body and promote healthy weight loss.

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